Hello ArkHit Subscribers! My name is Minister Carl White and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

Hello Arkhit Subscribers.  My name is Minister White and I am pleased to tell you a little bit about myself.

I have been a Foster Parent for over 25 years and I have committed my life to helping and sharing.  I worked 20 years at the Post Office and I have been retired on Disability for the last ten years.  I have been networkmarketing on line for the last 12 years.   I am a Musician and have been playing for Churches for over 30 years.  Organ/Keyboards.

I Attended Walden University and then Colorado Tech University for Business Administration for two years.  I then attended seminary school to get my Minister’s License.  I am an Ordained Minister and I have been led by the Spirit to Share Information and Knowledge as I have learned and investigated over the years.  I would advise you to investigate anything you hear also.

The Bible states that we as a people perish from lack of Knowledge.   Knowledge is very important and powerful and we should strive our best to achieve it.   The purpose of my blog is to create Health, Wealth and Knowledge for my readers.    Money is not everything but it is important.   Remember you can’t really enjoy Wealth with out good health and you can’t keep Wealth without Knowledge.

I would like to introduce my sister Towanna Turner,   She is also very well versed with interesting information and we are very close.  She is also a Musician/Organist.  You will also be receiving input from her.   Towanna is a JV Flood Master with Arkhits.com

As The proud owner of ArkHits.com  I will be explaining to  you why I chose that theme for my Traffic Exchange.

I will be sharing with you some very interesting information and I will be giving you something to really think about.  Life is short and as we turn on the TVs and Radio  we are always hearing about something bad happening and how lives are being destroyed by selfishness and violence.

Stay Tuned because we will be going on an adventure.  If you have watched the Matrix  then you will soon understand that things are not always as they appear to be.


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